Another Tweet, Illustrated Literally

This one comes from a young gentleman by the name of Trevor Plouffe. Click to embiggen, silly:

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Summer Anne Burton is a writer and illustrator living in Austin, Texas. She is drawing pictures of Every Hall of Famer.

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  1. Aaron Cook says:

    This is glorious! and I need a shirt like that.

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  2. busch says:

    Where can I find more of these?!

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  3. WinTwins says:

    Ugh I come to notgraphs for some day brightening. Now I have to be reminded Plouffe exists? That sucks.

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  4. Paul Sporer says:

    I see the categories sidebar on this page, but how do I know what this & posts like it are categorized under to view them all? This is my one gripe with NG. It’s not easy to locate all in a series unless they’re just labeled oddly. I see the Men Surrounding By Things has a category and the MLB TeeVee finally has one, too. Is there not a universal categorizing structure utilized by all NG writers?

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    • Paul, this one’s categorized under Tweet!, which makes a helluva lot of sense to me. Tell me what categories you’d like us to employ, and we’ll make it happen. Do you want an Illustrated Tweets category? We can make it happen. We do this all for you.

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      • Greg W says:

        I think his point is a good one, on my blog, you can see all the tags at the bottom. At Getting Blanked, the byline includes ‘filed under’ and the category. If I like the ‘Surrounded by’ and want to view them all, but it’s call ‘Objects Surrounding’ I’m going to have a heck of a time finding the rest, even if I’m looking at one of them.

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  5. Toasty says:


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  6. BronxBomber says:

    This is cool. I hope that it isn’t taking away from your Hall of Famers project – or more poignantly – I hope this is the kind of gratifying pause that allows you to forge ahead with an endeavor of artistic love.

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  7. Bryz says:

    Knowing Plouffe’s fondness for the #America hashtag, I’m surprised he didn’t include one in that tweet.

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  8. Nate Eovaldi Surrounded by Eovald Eagles.

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  9. Damon says:

    (not graphs has by far the most eloquent and mature group of commenters on the entire world wide web. This disturbs me to the extent that I feel it is my duty to polute the comments section with ignorance and banality. Yay or nay?)

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