Apropos of So Little: Video of Willie Wilson Playing HS Football

Sometimes one finds himself drinking at a stranger’s apartment in Paris, France, and then talking to a different stranger who happened to play football at Summit (New Jersey) High School with former Royals outfielder Willie Wilson in 1973 or whatever and then watching grainy footage, while drinking even more, of giant and fast Willie Wilson scoring all different kinds of touchdowns against other, smaller high-school-aged New Jerseyans in 1973.

It’s just something that happens, is what the author is attempting to say and what the reader needs to believe.

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Carson Cistulli occasionally publishes spirited ejaculations at The New Enthusiast.

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  1. Choo says:

    In and around Summit High School, Thanksgiving is known as Willie Wilson Day, or the day Willie Wilson scored 17 touchdowns.

    That was awesome. Please thank your drunk strangers for sharing.

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  2. pinch says:

    does anyone know what the song is? that’s a serious jam, and fits the (also awesome) video impressively.

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    • pinch says:

      the first song i mean, though i would accept the second.

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      • eric aho says:

        The first song (that is not the Summit High School school school song!) is “Up She Rises” by Sam Spence based on the old sea shanty “What do you do with a Drunken Sailor.”

        This arrangement was used by NFL Films in their weekly highlight shows during the ’70s.

        You can listen to it on Youtube.

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  3. LW says:

    I read this as “Video of Willie Nelson playing HS football.” Could you find that footage, please?

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  4. This is like, the 150th name I've used on Fangraphs or Notgraphs says:


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    • Oppo Taco says:

      Displaying 20 sport selection though. Good thing he improved on that.

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      • This is like, the 153rd name I've used on Fangraphs or Notgraphs says:

        I showed this to my father, a gridiron coach, and rather than focusing on Wilson’s dominating play, he was astonished at the general quality of play by the other players on his team. The Line and QB, particularly.

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