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A’s Finally Return to Gold Alternates

As I cycle through my favorite sporting color schemes in my head, I notice that many of my favorites include the color yellow. However, at the same time, I notice that so few teams are willing to use it as a primary color. This comes from an already thin crowd which dares to use yellow in the first place – to the point where the only two teams that pop to my mind with primary yellow jerseys are the Los Angeles Lakers and the Michigan Wolverines men’s basketball team.

There are only two real candidates in Major League Baseball to use yellow jerseys: the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Oakland Athletics. The Pirates really, really need to make a yellow jersey in much the same style as the above (think a color swap of these jerseys, which are awesome by themselves). The A’s finally brought back a modernized version of the classic 70s (and early 80s) alternates. This jersey immediately becomes one of my favorites in the league. Huzzahs to those around the Athletics for making this happen.