Ask NotGraphs (#19)

Dear NotGraphs,

Worst minor league mascot of all time?



After an exhaustive search, my pick is Ballapeno, of the San Antonio Missions.

Further nominees accepted in the comments.

Thanks for the question,

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6 Responses to “Ask NotGraphs (#19)”

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  1. Mark says:

    Why can’t I pause Comcast on-demand as long as I want? I mean, I pay for it right?

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  2. scout1222 says:

    Some pretty good contenders here:

    Green Trash Monster: LAME
    Blowie the Blowfish: WILL KILL ME WHILE I SLEEP

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  3. Patrick says:

    I’m assuming that the grand majority of the Not Graphs community does not live in San Antonio. As such, please enjoy this clip:

    The thing beside Ballapeno is his counter part, Henry the Puffy Taco.

    This picture should help explain things:

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  4. Chris says:

    How the Area 51’s haven’t been sued by George Lucas for ripping off Jar Jar Binks in beyond me.

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  5. matt w says:

    I am glad to see that Champ is #2 on the good mascot list. So is my son, though he thinks Champ is a dinosaur.

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