Ask NotGraphs (#35)

Last week’s Ask NotGraphs post brought 7 new questions. Thanks, readers. I will start with the strangest.

Hi Jerm

How do I know if girl like me.



Google Translate tells me those Chinese characters translate to “Lo.” I don’t know if that’s someone’s name, a shortened version of “hello,” or merely proof that Google Translate is fallible. In any case, thank you for this very excellent question, 鬼佬. The best way to tell if girl like you is if she finds ways to spend time with you. If girl makes effort to talk to you, or finds reasons to be near you, or invites you to do things with her, then girl probably likes you. Maybe she likes you just as a friend, but maybe it could also be more than that. My wife and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary– and 7th anniversary of our first date– this past weekend. We initially started dating because she told a mutual friend to tell me to ask her out. If girl tells your friend to tell you to ask her out, then she probably likes you. Of course, you can also find out if girl likes you by asking her, instead of waiting for cosmic signals from the universe that may or may not arrive. I’m not suggesting you do anything crazy, but you can gently ask if she wants to get lunch sometime, and, hopefully, if girl is someone worth liking and not a terrible person, the worst that will happen is she feels flattered and politely turns you down. And, more likely, she feels flattered and says yes, and then you can both start to see if you like each other. Or you can send girl a link to this column and tell her you sent this question, 鬼佬, and you can see what she says. I have a feeling girl likes you, or you wouldn’t even think to ask the question. I hope girl likes you, and you and girl live happily ever after. Also, you could take girl to a baseball game, because baseball is awesome and please keep reading FanGraphs.

Good luck,

You can Ask NotGraphs too! If you have any questions, about baseball or otherwise, and want answers, about baseball or otherwise, feel free to send them my way.

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  1. Rickie Weeks Incumbent Jheri Curl says:

    I can practically feel the sexual tension in the that question.

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  2. Multi-"tsk"ed in San Francisco says:

    Dear NotGraphs,

    How do I tell a girl that I can watch this one at-bat and listen to what she has to say at the same time?

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