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Asking Barry Zito About C.S. Lewis

At the Giants Media day, I ran into Barry Zito as he was wrapping up an interview. He had C.S. Lewis’ “The Problem of Pain” sitting on his bar table.

Eno Sarris: I’m really interested in what people read on the road. That’s… not Narnia! [laughing]

Barry Zito: No. [Not laughing, but maybe smiling] No it’s not. This is my third one, but I haven’t done Narnia yet.

Sarris: What drew you to C.S. Lewis’ work?

Zito: I don’t know. I just enjoyed [unintelligible, sounds likes Breckinge], you know?

Sarris: Yeah. Who are your favorite writers?

Zito: Ummm. I have a ton. He’s my guy right now, yeah.

This has been “Asking Barry Zito About C.S. Lewis.”