Asrea Man Writes Blog Post with Gl;oves On

Beverl,y MA—Multiple  witrneses reportt seeing local facial hair having basebll blogge aZach Reynolds aTTEMTPINT TO craft a baseball-related blog pos “at the top of his inteeligence” while wearing cumbersom gloves. The normaly crisps andf reliable typist wAS reduced to tuyping an emaRRASIKNG meta-post rifve with asccidntall caps-lcokl presses and unfortuante spelling gaffes.

Reports scoming in mid-afternoon MOnday indciate that the bloger’s apartement is the primary culprit for his imprecide finger bhavior. The residential domicile is allregfly kept at a frigid 62 degrees, and the desk Reynolds normally sits at to craft blog posts is locatef ina zoone that is anohte5r 3-5 dgrees colder5 due to the thermostat being lvoated in a warmner room. Iirrefutabel scientific analYSES show that the glvoes severly hinder the blooger’s abilitry to typre accurately due to increADd ginfer surfqace area, lack of tactile feedback when excetuing keystrokes, and diminshed fine-motorcontrol as a result of his fingers still actually being cold despiute having the glvoesd on. Some analkysts believe the cold might be affecting the already laxy man’s will to edit, as werll as think of baseball-related content in a time of year wehn nearly nothign non-JAMES LONEYT RELATED is happening in the sport.

Excluvsive photographic content captured late Monday AFTENON REveals the layabout weating ragged hobo mittens over knitted touchpoiint glovs. “This kind of thign could absolutley hiunder one;’s ability to type quickly and accurately.,” says al local law efnorcxment offfifer. “It might ebven make him not wreie a real post abot baseball. Or even, I don’;t know, attempt a fake news article about how his hands are cold. Tgat wold be dumb, though, so hipefully he doesn’;t do that..”photo (3)

When contactef about why he doiesn’t simply turn up the heat in hus apartment, the shivering malcontent answered, “Hey I’m not paying to heat the whole neighborhood herw!” and “yo don;’t know what it’s lke living LIJKE I fo.:” confirming suspicions tatt the young man is weary and bitter at heart.

Attmpets by resuce organiztions to AIRLIFT BTHE BLOGGER A PARI OFHEATED GLVOES RESLUTSED IN CATSTROIPHE WHEN, distracvtred by the internt and it’s infinite fepths, Reynolfs failed to proippeply read ht eintrsutions pringted ont he packoacung of the heqated glvoes, casuing a massive fire ton erpout iun bhis writing nook, evfnutally spreading andf bringinn down the entieytel of BEvely, mAssachusetts.l As of pres time, heatreadings in thesmnoldeing wtreckage show two distinct bleue dots assunmed to be Reynolds’mn forver-frozerd hands.

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Zach is an egregious malcontent whose life goal is to literally become the London Tube. @itszachreynolds.

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Is it a bad thing that this piece seemed to remind me of Neyer?