Assigning Nicknames to Select NotGraphs Contributors

In the service of tabling more pressing obligations, I present to you a smattering of nicknames that would be applied to the following NotGraphs contributors, were their skills and essences — such as they are — applied to the playing of this, our baseball, rather than to the befouling of it.

Please regard:

– Michael Bates: “Vicious Delicious”
– Eno Sarris: “Pol Pot the Pederast”
– Bradley Woodrum: “Hound Pastor”
– David G. Temple: “Bible Made of Lasers”
– Carson Cistulli: “Heart Cancer”
– Robert J. Baumann: “If Wizards Were a Gender Unto Themselves”
– Mississippi Matt Smith: “Poo That Smells Like Boogers; Boogers That Smell Like Poo”
– Zach Reynolds: “Fred Brown”
– Patrick Dubuque: “Glum, Confounded Chicken”
– Navin Vaswani: “Sack”

I encourage the readers — both of you — to nominate your own nicknames for the Moron of the High Plains who authored this dumb post.

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42 Responses to “Assigning Nicknames to Select NotGraphs Contributors”

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  1. Dave says:

    The Bloody Stools. The Fighting Mics. The Mad Bros…

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  2. Rickie Weeks Impending Jheri Curl says:

    Dayn Perry- “Malignant Cherub”

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  3. jwise224 says:

    Dayn Perry – Sadness, Reincarnated

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  4. Schwartz says:

    “Old Aspergillus Face”

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  5. dbake005 says:

    Matt Smith’s is a palindrome I like it

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  6. dbake005 says:

    Dayn Midwestern Tropical Fury Perry

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  7. dbake005 says:

    Carson Cistulli poutine tame ask me again and I’ll tell you the same Carson Cistulli poutine ta…..

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  8. vc says:

    supple. yet, taut

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  9. Bitter Beane says:

    T. Pickaxe, The Naked Manikin, Soviet Era Greenhorn, Flumoxed Rustler, Roaches in the Mattress, Spartacus’s Childhood, Elijah Dukes’ White Friend.

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  10. Programme says:

    Navin Vaswani- Saack

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  11. Lenny says:

    Beat Off

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  12. Dang says:

    Juicy poo ninja

    Delicious little flavor nugget

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  13. Jay29 says:

    Cook Refrigerator

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  14. tz says:

    Meaty Urologist

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  15. olethros says:

    The Chocolate Starfish Stares Back

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  16. Mr. Observant, Misanthrope says:

    Why is there a .gif of Appelman shedding one perfectly formed tear at the onset of this piece of true scholarship? Also, Sodomite Starkitty.

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  17. robertobeers says:

    Occam’s Pubic Razor

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  18. Rich Mahogany says:

    Nebulous Dentist

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  19. Youthful Enthusiast says:

    If there’s one thing NotGraphs is good at, it’s usernames/nicknames.

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  20. Helladecimal says:

    Rueful Ragpicker

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  21. John W. says:


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  22. Resolution says:

    Dayn ‘the stye of CBS’ eye on baseball, the home for all baseball fans’ Perry

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  23. Chris K says:

    Dayn and then he Ravished Me-rry

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  24. Mike Green says:

    Mr. Katy

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  25. Kris says:

    Dayn, this is probably the wrong form to address this, but if you could explain to your wife that the app for temporary photos is snapchat and not instagram, it would drastically cut down on the amount of sepia-toned vagina on the internet.

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  26. tz says:

    Large Palau Flying Fox

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  27. Banned in the EU says:

    Consumer of Ortolans

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  28. Mr. Smooth says:


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  29. Captain Obvious says:

    Dayn “This Post Has Been Removed By the Administrator” Perry

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  30. Dwayne Carter says:

    dayn “hmm, it takes all types. this flashlight only takes D batteries.” perry

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  31. Jenstrom says:

    Dayn Perry: Pascal’s Wedgie

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  32. Jenstrom says:

    Deep-fried Goofball, Sexy Sauce on the Side

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  33. We'll make our own NotGraphs says:

    The guy who kept Notgraphs alive

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