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At What Is Gaylord Perry Looking?

Here’s Gaylord Perry, crafty righty nonpareil, looking at something …

If not for the faint smirk and baseball clothes, this could be mistaken for the contrived far-off looks common to college-rock liner note photos from the 1986-92 Blue Period. Instead, it’s Gaylord Perry drinking deeply of something aloft and just off stage. What could it be? To this end, some guesses that, in the collective, will prove that a best guess can also be a terrible guess. Gaylord Perry is looking at …

  • The face of God, which turns out to be demonstrably less awesome and terrifying than we’ve been led to believe; or
  • A passing stratocumulus that oddly resembles something naughty; or
  • The ominous descent of Kurt Bevacqua’s trained falcon; or
  • Angie Dickinson; or
  • Three of the five people you meet in Heaven; or
  • The early moments of an incoming Gorilla Monsoon flying elbow; or
  • Happiness.

    Or could it be something else?