Attend Oakland Games for Mostly Free in April, Seems Like

Heartbreaking update:



The author, who has spent portions of his life eating little more than vegetable soup and also other kinds of vegetable soup, understands entirely that $16 is different than $0. However, it’s also demonstrably the case that $16 for seven Oakland Athletics baseball games is mostly as close to $0 as baseball tickets will ever get again in all our lives.

Click this hyperlinked text to take advantage of this offer, which might also be just an internet virus accidentally.

Credit to Facebook friend 4eva (until one of us dies) Ian Miller.

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18 Responses to “Attend Oakland Games for Mostly Free in April, Seems Like”

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  1. Dan Rozenson says:

    Insert market inefficiency joke here.

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  2. I gotta move to the bay, or at least stop being a fan of a team in Chicago so I can pay less than 20 dollars to park.

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  3. Samuel says:

    Why anyone would pay face value for most tickets is beyond me. Stubhub gets you much better prices for certain games. If you are not going to a NYY,NYM,CHI,LAA,STL,TEX game, using Stubhub saves alot of $$$

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    • Zac says:

      I’ve had a lot of good options with They aggregate a bunch of ticket sellers sites, which helps, but the real value is their Deal Score system that instantly identifies the seats that they consider to be the best value in the stadium (using what seems to me to be quite rigorous math, click my name for the developer’s blog).

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  4. Marcus Tullius Cicero says:

    As of a few summers ago, Oakland offered $2 tickets for occasional Tuesday (maybe Thursday?) games.

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  5. Delmon Youngs sprained left fat says:

    Great deal for a cheapskate like myself!

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  6. SeanTronX says:

    My homeboyz and I got to cards games for a dollar on stubhub on the reg. and you can bring your own food and drink. Mad deals YOLO #gr8timezwithgr8frans

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  7. GotHeem says:

    They had $2 beers one game. I don’t remember what happened, partially because it was an A’s game and mostly because I had 10 beers.

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