Attention: “Ephemera” Now a Category at Q&A

When FanGraphs founder and CEO and muscled champion David Appelman announced yesterday the launch of FanGraphs Q&A, it’s very possible that the reader — the reader of Important Internet Weblog™ NotGraphs — did not suppose that it (i.e. the launch of FanGraphs Q&A) would shake the very foundations of our society. Indeed, even the present author suspected nothing of the sort.

However, yesterday, in the course of my daily practice, I was visited by a light — not unlike that which visited Paul on the Damascene Road — a light accompanied by a voice which said, “Carson! Carson! Ask Appelman to add a category — namely, Ephemera — to that new FanGraphs Q&A page. Forsooth, it will amuse at least three or four people. Ask him politely, of course, lest he remove your testicles from your person and send them to opposite ends of the world.”

Upon the completion of said vision, I hurriedly composed an email requesting the addition of Ephemera as a category. And Appelman, sometime not too long after that, added Ephemera as a category. And now it can be said — without much in the way of hyperbole — that the very foundations of our society are decidedly atremble.

Even now, less than 24 hours later, one can find all manner of thought-provoking question.

Spelling questions, like:

Appelman or Appleman?

Literary questions, like:

What’s the best baseball fiction in the last 25 years?

Meta-questions, like:

Is “Ephemera” a reasonable category for this Q&A page?

Age-old questions, like:

Do you say ‘gif’ or ‘gif’?

Questions about questions, like:

Do you have a question for Dayn Perry?

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