Audio: Michael Wacha Scouting Report c/o Keith Hernandez

Pitching against the Mets on Wednesday, Cardinals right-handed prospect Michael Wacha recorded five strikeouts in 3.0 innings.

Mets broadcaster Keith Hernandez was impressed by Wacha’s outing, as the following audio demonstrates — of Hernandez himself, and then Beck’s sexy hit “Mixed Bizness” from sexy millennial album Midnite Vultures, which (a) happened to be the next track in the author’s iTunes playlist and (b) seemed peculiarly appropriate given the circumstances.

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3 Responses to “Audio: Michael Wacha Scouting Report c/o Keith Hernandez”

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  1. Joey Belle says:

    Wachas making Hulot look good for ranking him so high

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  2. RA Rowe says:

    Haha, I was surprised by how hard Hernandez was falling for Wacha during the 5th inning. But rightfully so, he made David Wright look defenseless with a couple change-ups, et fucking cetera.

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  3. James K. says:

    Testing HTML:


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