Audio: Mike Shannon vs. On-Air Promotional Spot

As made more or less clear by the present author’s recent conversation with him, Voice of the Cardinals Mike Shannon is both (a) a man among men among still more men and (b) not likely to concern himself unduly with those matters which fall outside of Mike Shannon’s purview.

Such a matter appears to be a promotion currently being conducted by Mobil — which promotion invites listeners to advocate (via text message) on behalf of an already extant Mobile jingle, that it might become the walk-up music for a Cardinals player this season.

The motivations for the consumer to participate in said promotion aren’t immediately clear — neither in a general sense (to a person with reason, for example) nor, specifically, to Mike Shannon himself, who remains adamantly perplexed by it (i.e. the promotion) even while explaining it to listeners of Cardinals radio.

To wit:

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Audio from KMOX broadcast of Cardinals-Cubs game from Wednesday.

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3 Responses to “Audio: Mike Shannon vs. On-Air Promotional Spot”

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  1. Aaron says:

    How there isn’t more Mike Shannon on NotGraphs is a true mystery. He should be a gold mine for you guys.

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  2. Sparkles Peterson says:

    I’ve seen the TV spot for this promotion a few dozen times and I still don’t understand the mechanics of it any better than Shannon. I don’t think the thing does make any sense, but On The Run has entered into Old Navy territory where they came up with an ad irritating enough to make an impact so they’re going to spend the next decade running with it in whatever half-baked ways they can.

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