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Audio: Mike Shannon’s Championship Ninth Inning

It may not be fair to refer to Voice of the Cardinals Mike Shannon as a “friend of the site” merely because he appeared one time on one single episode of FanGraphs Audio. The author will definitely continue referring to Shannon as such (i.e. “a friend of the site”); it just might not be fair when he does it, is the point.

That convoluted point having nearly been made, allow the author to state the purpose of this post — namely, to announce that friend of the site Mike Shannon was working at the very top of his abilities during the ninth inning of tonight’s (Friday’s) Rangers-Cardinals game — a game which turned out to be a loss for the home team, but a win for anyone who found him- or herself listening to KMOX NewsRadio 1120 at approximately 10pm CT.

Listening to the entire ninth inning would not be the worst decision of the reader’s life (although that’s not saying much, given all the poor decisions he’s made). What follows, in any case, are three notable clips from same.

Like this one, first, of Shannon stating plainly that he’s spent an evening in former president Dwight D. Eisenhower’s bed:
Eisenhower’s Bed

And this second one, too, during which Shannon alludes to a lurid night while abroad in a certain island nation:

And finally, this third one, stripped entirely of context towards the end of Greater Amusement: