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Kirk Gibson’s Bat, Now at $139,015

The bat Kirk Gibson used to hit his walk-off home run in game one of the 1988 world series has two days left to go until “extended bidding” and now sits at a pretty $139,015.

In the world of baseball bat memorabilia, it’s fetching a pretty decent sum, but is still off by a factor of 10 when compared to the world’s most expensive bat: the bat Babe Ruth used to hit his first home run at Yankee Stadium. ($1.3 million)

The shirt Kirk Gibson was wearing while he hit the home run is currently at $129,690, while his road uniform for the 1988 world series seems a relative bargain at $6,050.

Personally, I think having a world series trophy sitting on the mantle would be pretty cool.

Introducing: NotGraphs, The Blog

At FanGraphs, we love baseball. And while the focus of FanGraphs is on the quantitative side of baseball, there are a lot of other things both our authors and you, our readers, enjoy besides the numbers.

That’s where NotGraphs comes in. It gives us a place to put things that would otherwise not have a place on FanGraphs, that we find interesting and we think you would also find interesting.

This doesn’t mean that we’ll be cutting back on our quantitative analysis and commentary in any way, shape, or form, but it will let us broaden our horizons a bit by looking at a wide variety of additional baseball subjects.

The blog is spearheaded by Carson Cistulli, with the current contributors consisting of Jack Moore, Eno Sarris, and Leo Martin (welcome!), with Dave Cameron and others popping in from time to time.