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Minor League Guy, The Prequel

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It’s an epidemic. It’s also Brandon Inge and a screencap from last year. Minor League Guy, the prequel.

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I Don’t Know Is on Third, Literally

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Minor League Guy, shockingly, is not related to Unknown.

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Things I Learned in Arizona

David Appelman’s feet at any given moment.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending three days and two nights in the American desert with, like, 17 fellow FanGraphs writers. You learn a lot about people when you’re forced to share rooms with them, squeeze each other into a Ford Taurus, and watch Yoenis Cespedes profess his love for Castro by launching bombs into orbit together. The dignity-less Dayn Perry already told you everything you need to know about our dark overlord David Appelman, but here’s some amazing (and mostly true) facts about the rest of the staff…

Dave Cameron — Totally not above bringing up the whole cancer thing to get people to agree with him during an argument.

Michael Barr — Currently taking a break from his lucrative career as a Calvin Klein model to write about baseball.

Dayn Perry — Incapable of feeling shame, Dayn is eagerly awaiting the next time his wife says “I suppose we could.”

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