“Baby Giraffe,” Real Giraffe Spotted in Pool

A recent spate of ballplayers showing questionable judgment in their extracurricular activities expanded to the West Coast this weekend, as Giants first baseman Brandon Belt — known as “Baby Giraffe” for his resemblance to the long-necked animal — was photographed jumping into a swimming pool with an unnamed actual giraffe. The relationship between the two is unclear, and Belt was not available for comment. “He’s a grown man,” said Giants skipper Bruce Bochy. “I mean, he’s kind of — he’s pretty much a grown man. What he does with his personal time is his business. My own feelings about giraffes have nothing to do with it.”

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Paul Sporer

Funny but Mr. Perry might have a lawsuit coming your way as this might be a tad derivative of his series! BTW, Belt needs to spend less time in pools with giraffes and more time playing good baseball.