Back-to-Back Pickoffs Solved

In the ninth inning of a tied game on Wednesday, the Royals had two runners picked off of first base. Now it seems that night’s lineup card gives a little insight to the cause of the blunders.

Glove slap: kcemigre

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  1. JohnnyComeLately says:

    I was watching that game. Not only were 2 runners picked off, they were both pinch-runners. 2 consecutive guys were removed from the lineup, replaced by a seemingly better runner, and then were subsequently picked off. Against a right-handed pitcher too! (feliz)

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  2. LeeTro says:

    To Aviles’ defense, Davis missed the tag, but it was still dumb.

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  3. If it said “GAME: NONE” then maybe you’d have something.

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