Bad Fantasy Team Names Of The Future

One Twomey-ny

Love Grove

Addison And Subtraction


Lucas Sims Life

The Royal Tissenbaums

Appels And Oranges

Correa-lation and Dependence

Winker’s Wankers

Smoral Of The Story

Baltz Deep

Sharkey Week

The Buxton Babes

Almora Me To Love

Max Fried Chicken

Mysterious Rash

Andrew Pullin’ Out

Save Buehler

Schotts! Schotts! Schotts, Schotts, Schotts!

The Buttery Butt-reys

Damien Magnifico

Melchionda And The Infinite Sadness

The Goree Murders


Pig Ott

I’m Stumpf’d

How Am I Not My Derek Self?

Zebulon Sneed

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Summer Anne Burton is a writer and illustrator living in Austin, Texas. She is drawing pictures of Every Hall of Famer.

44 Responses to “Bad Fantasy Team Names Of The Future”

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  1. dockmarm says:

    South Correa

    A Bridge Profar

    Yelich Submarine

    Grand Mal Szczur

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  2. olethros says:

    Halladay (or Holliday) in Cambodia

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  3. Snarf says:

    These are amazing…i’m bookmarking this page for the 2014 season!

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  4. Well-Beered Englishman says:

    For the record, my only fantasy team name is “We Thought This Was Cricket”. This also describes my fantasy teams’ performances.

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  5. MDL says:

    Bundy Dundee
    Humphrey Bogaerts
    I’m a Skagg Man

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  6. Mac says:

    Bean There, Dunn That.

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  7. Jimbo says:

    plouffe plouffe give

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  8. Urban Shocker says:

    Clown Questions

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  9. steex says:

    Lincecum Dumpster
    The Duda ‘bides
    Blow Your Gload
    Chronicles of Reddick

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  10. “I Have Bruce Chen on my Roster and I Will Still Beat You.”

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  11. GUY says:

    Duck, Duck, Gose!
    Zunino the Muffin Man?
    Fettucini, Linguini, Martini, Cecchini
    I love the smell of Naquin in the morning
    Marcus; Stroman, like Bull
    No Room for a Piscotty

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  12. Jack says:

    Beam me up, Piscotty.

    That is all.

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  13. Fungolicious says:

    Holdin McGroin
    You’re Momma’s Uggla
    Rack of Spam
    Buns of Steal
    Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

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  14. Adam says:

    My team name is Fawlty McCannics.

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  15. Paul Sporer says:

    These are brilliant, well done Summer.

    Olt-ner Collateral Ligaments
    Olternative Energy

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  16. This Is Fun says:

    Tough Choice
    Wong Choice
    Kolten Dagger
    Lindor Truffles
    Bauer Outage
    Tender Rendon Tendon
    Bubba Starling Marte
    Humphrey Xanders
    Jeurys Jewels
    All in the Familia
    Wilin and Ready
    Lavarnaway or Another
    A Bunch of Gyorkoffs
    (How much did you pay for your bad) Motodorizzi
    Jarrod Parker Can’t Lose
    Steve Olt!
    Codename: Duchess

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  17. Shaun Catron says:

    Cu Cutch Clan

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  18. Johnny Rotten says:

    Josh For Whom the Bell Tolls

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  19. This Guy says:

    Anthony Ratso Rizzo
    Trevor May the Force Be With You
    Zach “Insert Lewd Adjective” Cox
    Matthew, Son of David
    Andrelton Simmons and Garfunkel

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  20. jaywrong says:

    Not from the future, however…

    It Byrnes when I Peavy.

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  21. Nu? BillyBaroooo says:

    Lavarnway or the Highway


    Ain’t no Vogelbach Girl

    Stephenson?! I hardly know him.

    Bundy of Joy

    Don’t Bogearts that Joint!

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  22. ettin says:

    Hot to Trout!
    Let’s Get Ready to Trumbo!
    The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fiers Itself
    Cron-o-logical Order
    Revenge is a Dish that is Best Served Cole-d.
    Another Pitch for My Haren

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  23. Trevor says:

    Made in Taijuan
    Victor Roache Motel
    Jameson on the Rocks
    Machado Machado Man

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  24. Big Daddy V says:

    Prince Fielder Is Fat

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  25. A Family Guy says:


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  26. Robert Pulson says:

    It had a Roughned Odor

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  27. Robert Pulson says:

    A splash of Vitters
    The Last Castellanos

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  28. philosofool says:

    Purely awful: The Bryce is Right.

    Bryce it any way you like

    But the best Haper allusion is: Of Bryce and Men

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  29. bcarsley22 says:

    We Built A Zunino
    Ricky Romero Is Not Just Enny Romero
    Dick Shaffer
    Inject It Like Beckham

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  30. hawkinscm says:

    The best one is Zebulon Sneed. That’s actually his name.

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