Ball Meets Face

There is a world of forms, readers. Of algorithms, percentages, maneuvers and protocols, ticking and whirring in glorious rarefaction. And then there is a world of grass and leather and sweat and rosin, the things with which we fell in love. There are times, and there will be times, when the scales encrust our eyes and even the truest among us lose sight of that latter world. At those times, I submit, we could do worse than to take a moment to regard and cherish that most intimate of baseball transactions: the delicate pas de deux of cowhide and cartilage. (Click to embiggen)

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  1. Kyle says:

    I think the dude in the green shirt is just doing a bit of balance-heavy performance art for the fans surrounding.

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  2. Eric says:

    Having recently suffered such a collision at the hands of my 8 year old (my fault), and having suffered a facial laceration and a lovely black eye as a result, I submit that this post is not funny.

    Oh wait, I just embiggened the picture. I was mistaken. It is hilarious. Carry on.

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  3. reillocity says:

    Typing from personal experience, I quite prefer the pas de deux of cowhide and cartilage to the pas de trois of cowhide and testicles.

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  4. Bryz says:

    Hey now, I’ve taken a baseball to the chin while ushering and it knocked me off my feet.

    I was laughing about it within 5 minutes.

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  5. It’s … beautiful.

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  6. Dave Barker says:

    I like this new guy, Mississippi. Keep up the good work.

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  7. Steve Smith says:

    Can we do a comparative study now of basketballs, footballs, hockey pucks and golf balls hitting the face? The baseball collisions are obviously the most beautiful but it would be good to demonstrate this.

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  8. bdawg says:

    What about Eric Thames fouling a ball of his face last season?

    I thought you’d also take a screen grab of AJ Burnett taking the foul bunt off his outer-space sex…I mean, orbital bone.

    Watching that video again, you can see droplets of blood coming off the end of his helmet as soon as he looks down.

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  9. Nu? Billy Baroo says:

    What?! NO A.J. BURNETT?????

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