Ballpark Pizza


To make the image bigger, either a) click the image, b) put your face closer to your computer screen, or c) do both of those things.

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Craig Robinson is not a Child, a God, a Pilgrim, a Rock, the Forest, the Resurrection, the Cosmos, the Law, or Damo Suzuki. Nor is he trying to break your heart. He does have a Web site, though. It's called Flip Flop Flyin'.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I think the foul ball poles are a nice touch.

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  2. drewstanley8 says:

    hot girl walking her dog

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  3. Steven says:

    I like how people drive in your world.

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  4. tz says:

    Clearly the perfect lunch to follow the Jim Leyland breakfast.

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  5. Joey Belle says:

    this guy’s favorite record? my vote is for Atom Heart Mother

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  6. dp says:

    The Marlboro Reds and vinyl collection are a nice touch. High class living, this. Aspire, ye terrified masses of questionable base ball faith.

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  7. pmreddick says:

    “To make the image bigger… put your face closer to the screen.”

    That line. Possibly funnier than the picture. Possibly.

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  8. Embiggens Papiamentu says:

    And the funny thing is, it works.

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