Ballplayers Thrown Through Saloon Windows: A Brief List

Irwin Saloon

Brought to the attention of the author, once again, by means of intrepid weblog The Deadball Era, and then corroborated by a primary source (above) after a protracted internet search, is the unfortunate death of Ed Irvin or Ed Irwin or, strangely, “Bill” Irwin, who died in 1916 after being thrown through a saloon window in Philadelphia.

Text courtesy the February 9th, 1916, edition of Philly’s Evening Public Ledger.

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  1. AC of DC says:

    No foolin’ on the mortal dangers of going through glass. Don’t let the movies trick you; your skin will likely surrender its position in space before a liberated shard does. Or so the experts insist. That’s one of the reasons car windshields are made the way they are. What I’m saying is: If you’re getting thrown, get thrown through the saloon doors. You’ll find the aesthetic, although more comic, similarly pleasing.

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  2. cass says:

    Three plate appearances, two triples. Wow.

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  3. Dave says:

    Better Title: Defenestrated Ballplayers: A Brief List

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  4. W. Buffet says:

    The man named “the Philly recruit” Irwin will always be remembered for having gone south for the Phillies, for doing utility work around the ballpark, and having his jugular severed. He deserves a statue, at least.

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  5. therood says:

    Forgive me for not knowing protocol here, but:

    In 1916, did the police investigate such a kerfuffle or is it generally considered that one who is thrown through a saloon window merely reaps the oats he has tumultuously sown?

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  6. Taft's wild pitch says:

    Utility work around the ballpark?! Makes Nick Punto look like a slacker for just being a utility infielder…

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