Ballplayers Who Have Died on Christmas

Thanks to the death-infused search functions at Baseball-Reference, it’s easy to compile a list of ballplayers who selfishly ruined the holidays by dying on Christmas Day. Let us remember their crossing of the Styx and their insistence on doing so while everyone else was just trying to enjoy themselves.

Also remember this: As you open gifts, force chestnuts down the gullet and nod off in the glow of a D-level bowl game, someone somewhere is dying and thus soiling an otherwise fine day.

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  1. Kyle says:

    Dayn Perry, the Louis CK of Baseball Writing.

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  2. Wait Til Next Year says:

    So we see that Patsy Donovan is the all time SB leader among those who died on Christmas Day. Who is the all time SB leader among those who were born on Christmas Day?

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  3. Merry Rickeymas.

    That rolls off the tongue.

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  4. Fattinton_Bear says:

    Only one All Star in the group… Obviously only losers die on Christmas.

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  5. reillocity says:

    Best Jesus by career FanGraphs WAR:
    Alou: 5.2
    Guzman: 2.2
    Flores: 1.8
    Montero: 0.6
    Tavarez, Feliciano, Delgado: 0.0
    Colome, Sanchez: -0.2
    Figueroa: -0.3
    Pena, Hernaiz: -0.7
    Vega: -0.9

    Best Jesus by career Baseball Reference WAR:
    Guzman: 1.7
    Flores: 0.9
    Montero: 0.5
    Tavarez: 0.4
    Delgado, de la Rosa: 0.0
    Hernaiz: -0.1
    Feliciano: -0.2
    Pena: -0.3
    Sanchez, Colome: -0.4
    Figueroa: -0.7
    Vega: -1.2
    Alou: -2.3

    So, yes, FanGraphs and Baseball Reference can’t even agree as to who is the best (or worst) Jesus.

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