Base-and-Ball Apéritif: Matt Shoemaker’s Split-Change

Shoemaker 1 Slow

Orahovac [or-a-HO-vawts] is a Croatian liqueur made from walnuts and designed — like other beverages classified as an apéritif — designed to stimulate the appetite.

The GIF embedded here of Matt Shoemaker‘s excellent split-change is also designed to stimulate the appetite — not for the evening meal, however, but rather for Matt Shoemaker’s start tonight against the Texas Rangers that begins shortly after (a) 8pm ET and (b) the United States’ probably rousing victory over Portugal.

Živjeli, is what we now say.

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Well-Beered Englishman

Tragical reality: the United States’ nearly emasculating draw against Portugal.

Skoolboy Jim
Skoolboy Jim

Howlin’ Wolf was 41 when Sam Phillips first recorded him. Who doesn’t love the old guy making a run a little later than the all of those with the God given talent?