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Baseball Cakes: Not Appropriate For Every Occasion

Some marriages are built on passion and excitement. Some are built on a deep sense of trust and friendship.  Some are built on one spouse completely ignoring the feelings of the other.

For instance, perhaps Hall of Fame Manager Bucky Harris should have run his plan for the wedding cake past his blushing bride, Miss Elisabeth Sullivan, some time before their Autumn 1926 wedding attended by President Calvin Coolidge and The Big Train, Walter Johnson:

Then the newly minted Mrs. Harris would not have to try (and fail) to hide her complete and total disgust with her husband in front of the President and The Greatest Pitcher Who Ever Lived.  If there is one comfort to be taken from this picture, it is that Silent Cal appreciated a good glare, and offered to make her Secretary of the Navy.

Sullivan, by the way, was the daughter of former West Virginia Senator Howard Sullivan, and the sister of General Richard K. Sutherland, who single-handedly secured the end of World War II by manually adjusting the Japanese Instrument of Surrender, after the Canadian representative signed the wrong line (see below).  Frigging Canada.