Baseball Card Tourney: Dawson vs Biggio

In the last #2/#7 battle of the tournament, Sparky Lyle triumphed. His ‘stache was not trash, and it overcame Don Mattingly‘s strange over-sized comic-strip-backed entry into the competition. Twirl those ends!

And so we move to the #3/#6 battles. If the tourney seeding committee, comprised of me, has seeded these things well, the voting will be tight. This week, both cards come from the same set, but the players are found at very different points of their career.

1989 Topps Andre Dawson
Man, you can’t wipe the smile off of the Hawk’s face, young boy. Call me back when you’ve got some hair on that face and a few stats on your back, right? My name rhymes with ‘awesome’ can you dig? I hit 49 home runs last year. 4.9. How long till you have that many career home runs? Wait. This is some sort of joke, right? Putting me up against the rookie? This is like a dig at my age. Man, screw you guys. I ain’t old.

1989 Topps Craig Biggio
A Cub? And The Hawk of all Cubs? Awww, come on. And you got some picture of me like right after I got hit, right? I got plenty of better cards, like the one where the ball’s chasing me. But the ‘committee’ had this one lying around. You can see what I think of that. Well, hey, here’s something: this is the only card here that is worth anything. A bonafide rookie card, right here. So fresh faced that all they can do is highlight the fact that I had 14 hits in July this year, and hit .375 in Asheville two years ago. That’s money in the bank, even if I look like I just smelled some gym socks.

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13 Responses to “Baseball Card Tourney: Dawson vs Biggio”

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  1. TheBigDawg says:

    I’ll take The Hawk and his Awesome Dawson ‘stache over Matt Damon in an Astros uni any day of the week.

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  2. strongbad56 says:


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  3. therood says:

    Biggio has The Fear. With good reason:

    L’il Craig can’t compete with a man who goes toe-to-toe with the Great Ejector.

    Dawson by several bat throws.

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    • MikeS says:

      Oh my god. Dan Roan probably wishes that haircut and shirt weren’t immortalized on the YouTubes.

      Dawson looks happy, even though he is a Cub. Biggio looks like he wishes he were somewhere else.


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    • TheBigDawg says:

      That shirt needs a dimmer switch. And you gotta love The Great Ejector getting three on the night. Go Joe! And what the hell did Eric Gregg think he was going to do when Dawson was throwing bats? Was he going to use his blubber to block the tosses because no one was ever intimidated by his presence or proximity.

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  4. Rob says:

    The Hawk, all the way

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  5. ElJosharino says:

    The ‘rook doesn’t stand a chance here. Hawk by a wide margin.

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  6. glassSheets says:

    Clean shaven or ‘stache and jheri curls? Not even a question. I’ll take the one with a mustache.

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  7. poorjays says:


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  8. Dainer's Hubris says:

    Dawson in a landslide.

    Biggio’s apparently deformed scapula unsettles me. And if you’re not smiling on your rookie card, you’re beyond help.

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  9. Tommy Lasordas Pasta says:

    The one asset Biggio has is the somewhat classic Astros uni. Not quite as flamboyant as those from the 70’s and earlier 80’s, but better than the crap they have now.

    No match for the Hawk though.

    Thorough drubbing of Biggio by Dawson.

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  10. Yirmiyahu says:

    Grizzled veteran beats the young punk.

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  11. EMD says:

    I go with Dawson on baseball card metrics, but Biggio was the better player.

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