Baseball Card Tourney: Eckersley vs Felton

Last week’s matchup was the blowout that you’d expect with a #1 seed in the first round, and we’ll have to call it: 1981 Topps Rollie Fingers has roundly defeated 1981 Topps Rich Gale despite username “Mac” and his strong support for Mr. Gale. Now it’s time to move to another conference and check out a similar blowout-ready clash.

As always, vote as you see fit. Although your biased tournament president only sees one ending to THIS matchup.

#8. 1983 Fleer Terry Felton
Did you know? I was the strikeout leader in Toledo in 1981! 99 of em! I played football in high school, too. I was the second overall pick! My eyes are clear, my heart is full, I can’t lose. Look at the hopefulness in my gaze. Look at the anticipation. Do you want to crush this? I’m on my way!

#1. 1981 Fleer Dennis Eckersley
Motherf-er I don’t give a crap about your hopeful gaze. I crush three hopeful gazes before breakfast. I got your full heart right here, you know what I’m saying? I’m 26, have 89 wins and a 3.29 career ERA. I’ll whiff my thousandth on the mound this year and get a few phone numbers while I’m doing it. I’m a young man in my prime, there’s no way you can stop me. Look at my goddamn mustache.

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He’s had the same hair & moustache for 35 years.