Baseball Card Tourney: Pacella vs Alexander

It’s been a while since we checked in on the Baseball Card Tourney. It’s time to call the battle between Andre Dawson and Craig Biggio. Maybe it was never a battle — the three seed had a name that rhymed with awesome, after all. The rook and his disgusted look didn’t stand a chance. Dawson moves on.

In our next #3 versus #6 battle, we have two lesser known players getting ready to do battle. One of them won 100 games in the major leagues, so he gets the #3 seed. But maybe we’ll get a close one this time. Eh boys?

#3 1981 Topps Doyle Alexander
Man I was just six games short of 200 wins, so don’t sell me short. Even if I couldn’t strike anyone out, I was better than league average here. And! My card says I pitched for the Yankees in the ’76 series, so I got that going for me. Pitched for eight different teams, so I got around. Aw snap, as the kids say. But right now I have to go to the bathroom. Like pretty bad. Powder blue, out.

#6 1981 Topps John Pacella
Man if my card didn’t tell me I was unique I wouldn’t know it. A 148 ERA- in just under 200 major league innings… I walked more people than I struck out… It took me nine years to start 21 games, you know. That doesn’t hardly seem unique. This gets me hot. Goddammit, it’s enough to…

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