Baseball Helicopter Germany!

Have you ever wanted to see a helicopter play baseball? Yea, verily. Have you also dreamed longingly of spicing up said game of helicopter baseball with bad baserunning, German brogues aplenty and a soundtrack that quite possibly features Yngwie Malmsteen? Well, despite the lessons of the past, present and future, dreams do come true! But only this one time …

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4 Responses to “Baseball Helicopter Germany!”

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  1. Yirmiyahu says:

    Bunt, dumbasses. The helicopter can’t field its position.

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  2. Seitz says:

    Did you see the chopper showboat after strike two? If I were on the mound for the other team, next at bat, he’d be pulling a heater out of his rotor.

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  3. That first runner must be a Molina. The left fielder first throws the ball home for very unclear reasons, it’s then relayed to first, then he’s still thrown out by two steps at second. Amazing.

    Also, nice earring, ump.

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  4. bowie says:


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