Baseball Prank Lesson #2: Timing

Othello (or O., as the kids are calling it these days), is ostensibly about revenge (or racism, as any collegiate Shakespeare survey course worth a damn will tell you),  revolving around Iago and his plan to unravel the titular character.  Said plan is devious and complex, involving multiple moving parts and perfect timing.  I haven’t read it in a long, long time – and I haven’t even thought about it since I was dozing off in the back of forementioned Shakespeare survey course worth a damn – but I do remember that things end up pretty badly for all involved.  And that there was something important about a handkerchief. 

Anyways, this prank is kind of like that.

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  1. Eddie says:

    Someone at Notgraphs needs to address the travesty that is Tim McCarver’s Ford C. Frick award.

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  2. nubillybaroo says:

    Please give us a voice in taking back McCarver’s award!!!!

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  3. Bryz says:

    Maybe if more people do this at baseball games, it will eliminate the proposal at a baseball game.

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  4. Del B. Vista says:

    How about the 13-year-old kid named “Joey Moron” who gets a birthday greeting? Wonder if he’s related to this guy?

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  5. GotHeem says:

    Not as funny as the half court shot prank but still amusing

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