Baseball Teams and Their Fellow-Traveling Beers

Today’s billet-doux pairs for us, the made-love-to readers, base-and-ball squads with representative cans and bottles of wholesome, nutritious alcohol. In some cases (pun!), of course, there’s room for Lincoln-Douglas debate as to the fitness of the union, but an abundance of right-wise American vigor is found in the effort. Please click and admire both girth and artifice:

It is pleasing to me, the Bonapartist scribe, that my preferred team, Cardinaux de Saint-Louis, is paired with my preferred existential lubricant, the stout.

In the end, though, this changes nothing …

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7 Responses to “Baseball Teams and Their Fellow-Traveling Beers”

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  1. olethros says:

    That’s not just any stout, that’s Founder’s Breakfast Stout, a truly regal choice. Especially when juxtaposed with the 40 of Colt on the Cubs logo.

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  2. I recently saw this, too, and was considering doing a post about it. The Perry-an directness and gravity suits it well, though.

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  3. dd says:

    If that is the large version of MLBeers, I’d hate to see the small version (or perhaps it would not be visible to the naked eye?).

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  4. GotHeem says:

    I wish they served Dos Equis at AT&T

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  5. Nu? Billy Baroo says:

    how can Detroit have a Milwaukee beer?

    Give em Bells Beer!

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