Baseball Teams Dancing: An Introductory Compilation

Compare the following figures, O mathematically mindful reader.

VIDEO                                                                   TIME ON YOUTUBE              VIEWS

“The Shot Heard ‘Round the World”*                              5 years              917,818

“Harvard Baseball 2012 Call Me Maybe Cover”        2.5 weeks           9,577,314

* The greatest moment in the history of baseball.

The message, I trust, is clear. If we baseball enthusiasts are to reach a wider audience — and not only reach them, but touch them, intimately and repeatedly — let us take our cue from the great minds at Harvard and give the public more of what it truly craves. And make no mistake: what it craves is white men in tapered pants, moving awkwardly to popular music, preferably in some sort of quasi-synchronized fashion. I give you the following not in any effort to be comprehensive; even the most cursory search will reveal this to be merely the tippiest tip of the iceberg. No, I mean only to get you started.

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That song in the Harvard video came on at the White Sox game last night and it was hard not to do that arm-dance-thingy.