Baseball Withdrawl Antidote: A Young Vin Scully

We love Vin Scully for many things — one of which is his general grandpaness. But did you know Vin Scully used to be a young person? THE DEVIL I SAY! It’s true, at least according the below clip of some sort of TV show in which a young Scully acts. Is it acting if a baseball announcer plays a baseball announcer? If it is, Scully has acted quite a bit, according to his IMDB page — the go-to source for all your Vin Scully acting credit needs. The clip is from a show called Alcoa Premiere, which played scripted TV dramas that dealt with some heavy stuff. Famous movie composer John Williams also scored the show, for what it’s worth. Enjoy seeing a dark-haired Scully from a simpler time when we didn’t have to deal with all this technology and inter-racial marriages.

(h/t to the Scully-fan Twitter account @vinscullytweet)

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Brandon Firstname
2 years 10 months ago

Scully always seems for me to the best the best antidote for simply remembering the goshdarn significance of what’s going on out of the field.

AC of DC
AC of DC
2 years 10 months ago

It was a hot grounder!

Skipping ahead a bit, I saw Jack Warden in a state of similar youthfulness, so I took a jaunt to another stop on the Internet to glean more fun facts about this television item, of which there are several, most significant to me being that it was directed by John Ford. So, take some baseball scandal with folksy charm, you rotten Commies, I guess.

And why was the 1B playing so far in? Blame the manager for that play.