Baseball Wives are Scary Looking

Torii Hunter, via Instagram:

Mat Latos


Al Alburquerque, 2012 (I believe this is his ex-wife; he is currently married to a base)

Miguel Cabrera


Cabrera’s wife used to be married to Joe Dimaggio

And here are Alburquerque and Cabrera’s mates together on Family Picture Day

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8 Responses to “Baseball Wives are Scary Looking”

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  1. Baseball says:

    Pismo Beach? How’d I end up at Pismo Beach?

    Should have made a left turn….

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  2. sothatshowitis says:

    Things in life that get more action than me.

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  3. Izzy says:

    Mat Latos looks a lot like Papelbon.

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  4. Mike Green says:

    The last picture is only recognized in 17 states.

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  5. André says:

    I’d like this post more if you had titled it something like “Baseball Players Choose Weird Partners,” because “Baseball Wives are Scary Looking” definitely has creepy undertones in which you are comparing women to all of these things, or suggesting that women are or can be mere objects. Doesn’t seem like that was your intent, but it’s there anyway.

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  6. Jenstrom says:

    If you think those are scary looking, you should have the women on that show “Baseball Wives.”

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  7. Jenstrom says:

    …you should have Seen the women… is what I meant to write.

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