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Bat Flips That Have Happened: Mike Piazza, 1999


The Hall of Fame and who belongs in it appears to be a subject of some import to many fans of base-and-ball — and also of some import, one assumes, to those former players whose careers are the object of much public scrutiny on days and nights like this one.

Were the present author tasked with building a Hall of Fame from scratch, it (i.e. said Hall) would be (a) quite different than the present one and (b) very poorly managed and (c) full of gratis scotch (although not in that order, necessarily).

Also, it would most certainly have an entire wing dedicated to gentleman ballplayers flipping their bats — like in this GIF of Mike Piazza, New York Catcher, flipping his goddamn bat.

Credit to James Kannengieser for bringing author’s attention to — and to Eric Simon for manufacturing with American sweat — the GIF in question.