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Begrudging Yasiel Puig Bat-Flip Coverage: Puig Flies Out

Puig Flip

It is manifestly the case that people who are shackled by responsibilities and whose lives are little more than a series of burdensome obligations, one upon the other — it’s manifestly the case that these sorts of people take pains, whenever possible, to inform other, different people whose lives aren’t conspicuously awful that “sometimes it’s necessary to do things in life that you don’t want to.”

Besides ending their sentences with prepositions all the time — itself an unattractive quality — these people commit another grievous error, as well, in supposing that their actions are somehow of any consequence in the world.

The present author harbors no such illusions. That said, he has made a half-promise to document for the public’s consideration as many instances of Yasiel Puig flipping his bat as is mostly convenient. Accordingly, the author has embedded here (above) an animated GIF of Yasiel Puig flipping his bat during a fifth-inning plate appearance tonight against Stephen Strasburg — and has embedded, moreover, the following screencap of Bryce Harper subsequently catching Puig’s batted-ball on the warning track of Nationals Park.

Puig Harper Catch

Credit to concerned citizen Bryan Rodda for bringing these events to the author’s attention.