Belated GIF: Carlos Rodon’s Slider vs. Cuba from Last Summer

As both William Randolph Hearst and, more recently, Rupert Murdoch have demonstrated unequivocally, there are absolutely no moral consequences — neither on a personal nor more public scale — to appealing constantly to the desires of the masses.

That being the case — and as a response to interest in the left-hander by Houston supporters this offseason (whose club possesses the first-overall pick in the 2014 draft) — the author has embedded here what appears to be the most recent extant footage of NC State pitcher Carlos Rodon. Rodon, in this case, appears to be protecting both (a) American freedom and also (b) a first-inning tie this past July against the Cuban national team — striking out (on a slider that’s been documented previously in these pages here and here and also here) an unidentified opponent en route to 6.2 scoreless innings.

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Oh, Beepy
Oh, Beepy