Belated Yasiel Puig Bat-Flip Coverage Alert

Promising Dodgers outfield prospect Yasiel Puig made an impression on the Teeming Masses this spring with his bat-flipping exploits — a practice he appears to have begun (as the previous hyperlink reveals) as a member of the Cuban National Team, if not earlier.

Puig brought his enthusiasm for the craft with him to Double-A Chattanooga, for whom he homered during that club’s second game of the season — and, in the wake of which home run, he proceeded to toss his bat much closer to third base than is generally the custom. NotGraphs, as a journalistic organ with its finger on the throbbing pulse of Beauty, provided due coverage of this episode, as well.

With May having arrived, the reader might find him-/herself asking — especially if he/she has precisely the same lexicon and speaking cadence and general life concerns as the author — “With regard to Yasiel Puig, I wonder if he’s been flipping his bat at all of late?”

The answer to which question is available here in the form of words: “Yes, he has.”

And here in the form of Action Footage:

Puig Flip

What we see here is Puig hitting a home run, on April 13th, against Cubs affiliate Tennessee. What we also see is Puig lofting his bat away from his person with what would be rendered into a play’s stage direction as a “dramatic flourish.”

The reader ought also to be informed that Puig has hit two additional home runs — on April 18th against White Sox affiliate Birmingham and April 29th against Seattle affiliate Jackson — but that, unfortunately, video of neither one is available via the usual channels.

Footage courtesy of YouTube user maryvillereb2003.

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24 Responses to “Belated Yasiel Puig Bat-Flip Coverage Alert”

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  1. Urban Shocker says:

    please get called up.

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  2. jB4s7 says:

    How long until a pitcher drills him in the head for this or has it already happened?

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  3. JuanPierreDoesSteroids says:

    I hope that he gets to play the Rays soon. I’d like to see him flip the bat like that against Farnsworth.

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  4. bsand2053 says:

    I hope he never does this against Jered Weaver. If he did Alex Avila would be screwed.

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  5. MacMariner says:

    I have never wanted the Mariners to trade for a player more than Puig.

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  6. jcxy says:

    I know I’m supposed to dislike this, but I find his majesty with the bat intoxicating.

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  7. Joser says:

    I would say the flip is less offensive than the slow, lollygagging lookie-loo walk up the line (at least in this clip). That seems to be the kind of thing that pisses pitchers off more than flipping the bat, which is accepted to the point of being celebrated by other teams in commercials (something I wouldn’t expect if there was one of those “unwritten rules” about it.)

    Though in this case, I’d be a little worried about the bat boy or anybody in the on-deck circle or, if not for the netting, the paying customers in the first few rows.

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  8. AlexandertheMeh says:

    No worries on the tardiness of this post. I believe Notgraphs policy is the writer has either; (1) Twelve hours from the time of the bat-flip to create and post the gif and article of said bat-flip, or, (2) until the bat involved in said bat-flip lands on terra firma. Being that there have been no sizable recorded tremors in the southern United States I can attest to the fact that the bat of Mr. Puig has not landed.

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    • pickle cars says:

      I disagree. That Carson doesn’t wake up and google “Yasiel Puig bat flip” each and every morning is nothing short than incredible. This isn’t just bat flip coverage. This is *important* bat flip coverage.

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  9. Eric says:

    Unfortunately, due to the cruel dictates of the USSSA rulebook, any attempt by the boys on my son’s baseball team to emulate such a glorious flip would result in an immediate out (a fact of which one of their opponents was reminded just this past weekend). How can our children learn Puig’s majesty when faced with such abritrary attempts to insure what the powers that be refer to as “player safety”?

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    • JusticeBruin says:

      The day that Yasiel Puig is called out for his bat flipping largesse shall be the self-indulgent pine tar incident of the modern age.

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  10. kenny lofton says:

    I like how the 2B runs back as if he might be involved in a relay throw. Did he not SEE the flip and trot?

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  11. Sir_BJay says:

    It’s ok, he did while the pitcher wasn’t looking.

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  12. John Steir says:

    I don’t see the big deal. all i see is the ball leaving the park…..

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  13. Jon says:

    thats my video and the bat is now signed and floating in mid air in a case on my wall

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  14. MLB Rainmaker says:

    That’s five long, full, slow strides before even thinking about start his trot.

    If this is what he’s got for a regular season MiLB game, can’t wait to see him hit a jack in the MLB playoffs!

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  15. Fergie348 says:

    If the bat flip keeps him from sucking down 10 beers in the clubhouse after and trying to drive home, I’m all for it.

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  16. melotticus says:

    At least he’s not getting a 15 yd penalty for excessive celebrations.

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