Better Reasons Not to Vote Jeff Bagwell for the HOF

Sportswriters, this nonsense really needs to stop. Refusing to vote Jeff Bagwell into the Hall of Fame because you believe he may have used performance enhancing drugs because a number of his contemporaries did so is shameful.

It’s shameful because there are literally 16 better reasons not to vote Jeff Bagwell into the Hall of Fame. During Bagwell’s lifetime, someone somewhere has been guilty of each of the things listed below, which means in turn that Bagwell cannot escape the umbra of guilt cast by other members of his species.

1. He may be a murderer.

2. He may be a MASS murderer.

3. He may be an anti-semite.

4. He may torture the dog he may own.

5. He may beat the children he may have.

6. He may be unfaithful to the wife he may have.

7. He may be a bad tipper.

8. He may be guilty of tax evasion.

9. He may be a pirate.

10. He may be Lenny Dykstra.

11. He may run the world’s largest kidney smuggling operation.

12. He may keep a human centipede locked in his basement dungeon-laboratory.

13. Nicolas Cage may be his favorite actor.

14. He may have shot 2Pac.

15. He may be Bud Selig’s “idea man.”

16. He may read NotGraphs and like it.

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