Big Chart, Take 2


As some of you may have noted, the above is clearly a Graph, and therefore an express violation of this weblog’s mission statement. I humbly entreat all parties for forgiveness, and pledge to rededicate myself to the sharing of useless and inappropriate frivolities, starting next week.

But meanwhile, click to embiggen.

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  1. cass says:

    Lovely. Definitely an improvement. It’s much easier to see whose names match the graphs.

    Still a couple places where the colors seem like they should be more different for consecutive or contemporary players, like Javy Lopez and Dave Justice. Also, Cox and Gonzalez are just about the same color so it’s hard to see when Cox ends and Gonzalez starts.

    Would love to see more of these.

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  2. Avocado says:


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  3. Floomp says:

    Incredible, dude, stats are great but displaying them properly like this is art! And an art with mass appeal. I love NotGraphs, but this should be a FanGraphs item, it deserves more attention.

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  4. Micah Stupak says:

    This is absolutely excellent work, Matt. Fantabulous.

    …but I feel like a dummy. I have no idea what the colors and y axis are on the “Finish” graph. Halp? Anyone? Thanks.

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    • Mississippi Matt Smith says:

      “Finish” shows where each team placed in its league/division. Blue is the Braves, green represents teams behind them in the standings, red represents those finishing ahead. So you can easily see the last-place finish in ’90 followed by the 14 straight division titles (excepting the strike year).

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