Blue Jays Without ________

It’s been a rough season for the Toronto Blue Jays organization, to say the least. They’ve been officially out of playoff contention for a few days already, and the disappointment and resignation for Jays fans must have started far earlier than that.

That they will finish the season with two [more] of their all-stars on the disabled list adds injuries to insult. That they will finish the season without a few other things…well, that’s just par for the course:

(Adapted from Mike Axisa, “Blue Jays shut down…”, 17 September 2013.)

It is like they do not exist!

Who do you think?! The Libyans!

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12 Responses to “Blue Jays Without ________”

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  1. Xer says:

    You forgot fans (NHL preseason).

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  2. hot hot hot stove says:

    Reyes for Andrus. Who says no?

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    • ReuschelCakes says:

      who says no: 4 years of age, a few points of WAR, 7 million smackers.. and Jon Daniels

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      • Rogers Centre says:

        going to have to disagree with you there, bro. whoever succeeds Anthopolous is the one to say no. andrus is getting overpaid to develop as a hitter as his defense falls off whereas reyes is being appropriately compensated for 120 games worth of production.

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        • Arlington Faithful says:

          It’s too bad shortstops aren’t just graded on their offensive output. It’s one of, if not the most defense-heavy positions on the diamond, and Andrus is leaps and bounds better than Reyes defensively. Reyes already lacks range, and it’s not going to get any better. Additionally, Andrus is a superior baserunner, giving him surplus value in two of three areas of the game. He may not be the hitter Reyes, but he more than makes up for it with his glove and his legs.

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        • ReuschelCakes says:

          implicit in your answer is that Reyes is not getting worse defensively… but his UZR tells a wildly different story (while Andrus’ UZR does not support your comment, but I see your point)

          so let’s say that we only care about offense. Reyes is getting paid $343k per wRC over the past 2 seasons and Andrus is getting paid $209 – a -39% discount!

          Hypothetically, even if you WERE paying more for an Andrus run versus a Reyes run, would you WANT to pay more given Andrus is a 25yr old moving up his age curve versus Reyes at 30 having peaked?

          Oh yea, and defense. I guess you guys don’t play that in Canada.

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  3. Plagarist says:

    “Marty didn’t understand but he did know that, to date, few Libyans he had heard of had been involved in anything but dark and dangerous business…
    A swarthy character resembling Yasser Arafat leaned out. He threw up an AK 47 submachine gun and opened fire.”
    If the [super racist apparently?] novelization of Back to the Future taught me anything, it’s that Libyans are responsible for most all dark and dangerous business, including but not limited to plutonium theft, tumor incidence, and general mal du siécle.

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  4. Blueyays says:

    Talk about hopelessness… We haven’t even been in playoff contention later than June since I was 2.

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