Bob Uecker’s Totally Real Genealogy of Homer Bailey

Most baseball fans will know that Homer Bailey is a right-handed pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds. Fewer — but still many — will know that Bailey was a seventh-overall draft pick out of a Texas high school in 2004 and appeared on Baseball America’s top-100 prospect list four times — including two appearances (in 2007 and -08) in the top 10.

What no one probably knows about, though — or, at least didn’t know before last night’s WTMJ radio broadcast of the Reds and Brewers in Cincinnati — is Bailey’s rich family history.

Here’s the same totally true and very rich family history, as related by Brewers radio voice Bob Uecker:

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6 Responses to “Bob Uecker’s Totally Real Genealogy of Homer Bailey”

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  1. Tony says:

    Uecker is, almost without a doubt, the greatest man to ever live.

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  2. Tim says:

    Perhaps even less well-known is the fact that Homer Bailey once built a house with an extra dimension in it.

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  3. deadhead says:

    According to Ueck, YoGa fisted Rolen in the sixth inning last night.

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  4. Kyle says:

    Holy shit this rules.

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  5. rambodiaz says:

    Uecker, we worship you.

    Hollywood needs to notice this man; he needs a sitcom. Maybe involving British housekeepers in a steel town. I dunno.

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  6. Brian says:

    Bob made Major League

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