Boileryard Clarke Endorses “Four Loko”

Those concerned about creeping Maoism will recall that Four Loko — the drink that helpfully combined restorative caffeine with mind-clearing alcohol — was banned by the meddlesome crypto-Etruscans at the FDA. After all, taking our guns away is easier when we’re neither awake nor drunk.

Anyhow, base-ball-ing legend Boileryard Clarke, who has for years sustained himself on a diet of nothing more than hooch and punched-out constables, has entered the fray and wielded his celebrity like a sword that looks like a dick.

So please do drink deeply of first the following paid advertisement and then a high-reaching pour of Four Loko …

Boileryard's Choice

Play better base ball and beat back tertiary syphilis with Four Loko.

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There’s that ugly Mid-West bias rearing it head again.

“Phusion Projects, LLC, is a Chicago-based beverage company that sells its products including Four Loko, Poco Loko, Island Squeeze, Moskato Life and Earthquake nationwide.”