Boston’s New Foul-Territory Coquette

Among the many losses endured by the Boston Red Sox this offseason, none was so loudly mourned as that of Heidi Watney, NESN’s erstwhile and comely foul-territory reporter. However, as the Internetting Gentleman with the Web-enabled computer may already know, Ms. Watney now has a replacement. Please meet Ms. Jenny Dell. Click to make the image more turgid, swollen, erect, dilated, and puffy:

Just how much of a bawdy minx is Ms. Dell? Well, contrary to appearances, that’s not a Halloween party pictured above; that’s her uncle’s wake. So consider her your clubhouse leader for the 2012 ESPY for “Best Journalism Cans.”

As always and forever, though, make mine Julia Ormond.

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  1. adohaj says:

    She used to do fantasy baseball videos on Basically the only reason I watched them on a semi un-regular basis.

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    • juan pierres mustache says:

      i don’t understand the thought process that leads someone seeking videos of attractive women on the internet to choose a fantasy baseball video

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