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Brainstorming for Justice

Over the past several weeks, we’ve received a half-dozen or so unsolicited requests from Shannon Barnett, creator of careersincriminaljustice.net (which I’m not going to link to, as I value the security of your computers almost as much as you do), which “serves as a great resource for new students looking to find all the info they need on getting an online Criminal Justice Degree.”  She would very much be interested in doing a guestpost on FanGraphs.

Obviously, she would be a great fit.  That goes without saying.  But Sharon didn’t provide much direction.  She would “be happy to write an article about any topic that you would like.  It will only be used on your website….I would certainly appreciate any opportunity to write an article. Feel free to suggest an idea, or if you prefer I can just come up with one.”

We wouldn’t want Shannon to have to put any additional thought into her piece, so it’s with great enthusiasm that I suggest the following topics for her.  Also, feel free to suggest your own in the comments.  Perhaps this can set up more democracy in the future, as we collectively decide what topic careers in criminal justice expert Shannon Barnett is best equipped to contribute on here at the *Graphs family.

1)  Detecting Fraud:  Or, How Jack Cust’s Agent Managed to Successfully Get a Guaranteed Contract Out of the Astros.

2)  Criminal Profiling:  Or, Determining Whether Jeff Bagwell Used Steroids or Not In the Absence of Evidence.

3)  Hostage Negotiation:  Or, Resolving Josh Hamilton’s Contract Situation One Way Or Another.

4)  Finding Missing Kids:  Or, Searching the Giants Farm System For Someone…Anyone…Of Value.

5)  Transporting Prisoners:  Or, Getting Potentially Useful Players Like Ian Stewart and Chris Iannetta Away From the Rockies.

6)  Criminal Neglect:  Or, The Atlanta Braves Offseason, 2011-2012.

7)  Election Rigging:  Or, Bud Selig and the Perpetual Commissionership.

8)  Anti-Trust Exemptions:  Or, Carson Cistulli, Dayn Perry and the Monopolization of Whimsy.

Please to continue with the sharing of ideas in the comments.  Keep in mind how the utterly ridiculous is generally rewarded around here.