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Brandon Phillips Does the Mudd Foot (GIF!)

Inspired by the work of my colleague Patrick Dubuque last Friday, especially by the phrase “cognizant that our identities are really just a collection of our obligations,” I myself would like to much less subtly suggest that our identities are really just a collection of pop cultural associations.

Based on that premise, my identity is probably comprised of equal parts Mrs. Doubtfire and The Diabolical Biz Markie. Here at NotGraphs, we hope that within a generation our readers’ identities will be dictated solely by the sad carnival of GIFs and other art works, memes, “research,” jokes, writing styles, and the alternatively crude/gentlepersonly/apocalyptic sensibility contained here at the site.

With all these things in mind, I would like to present Brandon Phillips doing the “Mudd Foot,” a dance created by the Diabolical Biz himself, in reference to the homophonic Fat Albert character, Mudfoot.

“It’s an animated dance for my employment.”

The GIF will make you ill or send you into seizure, as many things on NotGraphs might do (e.g. many of Carson’s posts). The Bizzy stylings will make you nostalgic for simpler times, when one could get on tha mic and be genuinely weird — as many things at NotGraphs might do. Finally, the image of ol’ Mudfoot will help replace your memories of grandparents’ faces with the image of the Colonel getting served, the memory of their voices with the sound of Bob Uecker’s, the memory of their elderly smells with the imagined smell of Dick Allen’s cigarette smoke wafting up from a dugout.

So, play the YouTube video that’s embedded after the jump, watch Brandon Phillips do the Mudfoot. When you need a break, gaze upon ol’ Mudfoot telling a tale. Let your identity be one with NotGraphs…