Braves Double Up


Earlier this offseason, Melvin Emanuel “Bossman Junior” Upton decided to take his talents to Atlanta. Now his brother, Justin Irvin Upton, appears to have done the same. For those of you keeping score, that amounts to two Uptons on the same team. What adventures and/or misadventures will ensue? Stay tuned…

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4 Responses to “Braves Double Up”

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  1. Jamaal says:

    Haha, I own this one.

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  2. John says:

    The real question: Which one is going to get punched in the solar plexis THIS time?

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  3. Choo says:

    Curious to see who plays Master Bates in Season 1 of Upton Abbey.

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  4. Wil says:

    Well done sir, well done.

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