BREAKING: Diamondbacks Release New Team Photo

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8 Responses to “BREAKING: Diamondbacks Release New Team Photo”

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  1. cass says:

    Brandon McCarthy being awesome again.

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  2. Mr. Observant says:

    I smell, err, see that the turds dropped on the diamond at Chase Field were not, in fact, solely owing to the the D’Backs play last evening. Superior reportage, this. I applaud. And what gritty little faycie-wayces! Unckie Kevin must be so proud!

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  3. Toofy says:

    Man, you journalists are bad at this.

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  4. mattc says:

    ALL OF THE LIKES!!!!!!

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  5. Sammy Sooser says:

    Why isn’t Brandon McCarthy in the team photo? There has to be at least one adult to oversee this herd, doesn’t there?

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  6. Big Daddy V says:

    Don’t worry, I’m sure someone will sign the team photo. It won’t be out of work for long.

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  7. Gyre says:

    This is still the BEST take on the matter I’ve seen or heard. It’s only water

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