Brian McCann Will Be What You Need Him to Be

We know that Braves catcher Brian McCann is good at baseball, but now comes evidence — evidence that the stern and jowly judge will allow so long as counsel is going somewhere with this — that he is also adept at falling on his sword:

“The most I ever sat and pondered over a season since I started playing baseball,” McCann said.

After deep contemplation — along with plenty of offseason golf and vacations to Las Vegas and the Bahamas — he was sure he had arrived at the root cause of the Braves’ epic September belly-flop. By the time he came south, he was prepared to sling a little blame.

It was him.

Not the hurricane in New York that broke the team’s momentum. Not the injuries to starters Tommy Hanson and Jair Jurrjens. Not the sapping of the bullpen.

All him. He’s Spartacus.

“I truly felt if I played up to my standards, the Cardinals don’t get in the postseason,” McCann said.

In Boston, where the collapse was equally as tragicomic, there were other culprits — three of them, to be precise. McCann, because he is a McMan, is willing to be those three things. Bless this magnificent bastard …

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8 Responses to “Brian McCann Will Be What You Need Him to Be”

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  1. Undocorkscrew says:

    I’ll always love that furry bastard.

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  2. mojowo11 says:

    He’s the hero the Braves deserve.

    And definitely the one they need right now.

    Seriously, David Ross should not be starting.

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  3. bstar says:

    Best article ever.

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  4. Sociology Degreeer says:


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  5. Daniel says:

    So if I take fake blame for something, will I get credit and hero-talk-time too?

    Brian McCann is laughing at you ALL.

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  6. Justin Verlander says:

    And I will cause the Tigers to lose the AL Central when I pull a “Verlander” and light a towel on fire and put it in Prince Fielder’s shoes. The shoes will also light on fire and the death of a Prince will not only cause a loss of 30 HR, 100 RBI but will also cause a nation to weep.

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