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Bring Your Z-Game

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Whenever rumors abound of legendary 16 year veteran Gregg Zaun, I find it is my civic duty to remind every baseball fan of the single most important web site in existence. No, it isn’t NotGraphs. Instead, it’s Zaun’s personal website, www.greggzaun.com.

Everything about this website is awesome. From the Mask of Zorro animation to the sweet special effects to the Rush backing track to the fantastic header to the invitation to join the “Zaunbie Nation Fan Club,” Zaun’s site brings the pain from a variety of angles. I have yet to meet a single person who has not enjoyed this website, and if you do, you should stone them at once, for they are not human.

Perhaps the most shocking piece of information contained on this website is the fact that Zaun was born in Glendale, California, and not Saskatchewan, Canada. Between the hairstyle, Blue Jays gear, and premium Canadian rock in the background (also his batting walk-up music), everything about Zaun and this website just screams Canada.

This is easily the most important piece of information you will come across the entire offseason. Disseminate wherever and whenever you can. And above all else, remember to Bring Your Z-Game.